miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

You self-proclaimed artist

You self-proclaimed artist and story teller
With no words and clumsy letters
Allow me to express my pain…
I heard your story the other day,
With no beginning and no end
And in the middle I heard you say
“This is my the story of my pain”
It hurt a little, might I say
Not the story but
Your audacity itself.
You delusional,
And sensitive
Excuse for an empty verse.
Art is not subjective
like they led you to believe,
it has restrictions
and standards and criteria.

This is the sad
unveiling of your lies.
It takes wisdom,
It takes skill
and most of all
A level of mastering
No other can surpass.

You are not an artist
Nor a story teller
You are a passionate
Who refuses to
It takes true courage
And confidence
To be a real artist
So real that if
Anyone ever said
These words would not hurt
Like they are hurting.
These words
Would not
mean a thing.